“Where Applied Science Joins Natural Wisdom to Remove Obstacles to Tree and Plant Health”


Ganesh Tree and Plant Health Care has been in the business of woody plant health care since 1976. It is solely owned and operated by Joseph A. Kowalski. I serve the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

My clients include individual homeowners, commercial businesses, real estate developers, attorneys, landscape architects, construction companies, engineering firms and government agencies. I serve clients whose primary concern is the enhancement and preservation of tree and woody landscape plant health, and people who place a high value on their vegetative landscape.

I provide complete diagnostic health assessments and integrated health care prescriptions that allow landscape trees and plants to reach their full potential. I specialize in developing and enhancing the plant/soil relationship.

I am a retired tree biologist with the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have the following Professional Certifications and or Licenses:

My 40 plus years experience allows me to incorporate a vast wealth of diagnostic expertise and sound biological advice in combination with a caring/educational/interpretive explanation of my plant health prescriptionsI possess comprehensive commercial general liability insurance.

If you place a high value on your trees and landscape plants I can provide you with solid scientific knowledge and proven recommendations which implement a plan that will allow those plants to flourish and reach their full aesthetic potential and value.